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The Dangers of Energy Sport Drinks

January 4, 2015 | News | No comments

The Dangers of Energy Sport Drinks

We all know, living in Canada, the prevalence of energy sport drinks during those important sporting outings, such as Gatorade and PowerAde. Whether it be on a hockey rink, a baseball diamond, or a soccer field, sport drinks are marketed to young athletes to enhance their performance to give the players the added advantage. Major league athletes are payed significant sums of money to be the “face” of a certain product to help market to younger athletes. But are all of these products really all that safe? Our dental care at Yonge and Eglinton dentists discusses.

So it is true that there is noted benefits of electrolyte replacement (mainly sodium and potassium) in these energy sports drinks. Electrolytes are what is lost during physical exertion and sweating, so their quick replacement is beneficial to all athletes to be able to maintain a high level of performance. However, what is less known is the significantly high amounts of sugar in each bottle, causing quickly progressing dental decay. This is especially a concern for teenagers undergoing orthodontics, as proper cleaning and flossing is already more inherently difficult. It is such a silent threat that The Ontario Dental Association officially published a statement regarding its danger.

It is now recommended that simple water is sufficient in re-hydrating athletes, without the added health risks. Let’s ensure a healthy and active lifestyle, and as always, HAVE FUN!

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