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Pregnancy and Dental Care

November 18, 2012 | News | No comments

Pregnancy and Dental Care

Pregnancy is a time of great joy for everyone, and is the most beautiful and precious moment of a woman’s life. As is especially important during this time, overall health care must be optimum to ensure a beautiful and healthy baby at the time of delivery. So what can expecting mothers do to promote overall health? Our kid’s dentist at Yonge and Lawrence discusses! Regular dental check ups are essential due to the significant changes of hormone levels in a woman’s body, which can lead to conditions such as “Pregnancy-Induced-Periodontitis” or gum disease. A recent article in the Ontario Dental Association journal indicated the correlation between severe gum disease and preterm and low birth-weight babies. Tooth decay is can also be prevalent during this time.

Although it is important for dental check-ups through the pregnancy term, the safest time for more extensive procedures is the second trimester. This is due to the formation of the baby’s organs (organogenesis) in the first trimester, and the increased risk of induced labor in the last trimester. Certain medications should also be avoided during pregnancy, including Aspirin (which may result in Reye’s Syndrome), and Advil/Motrin/Ibuprofen. Tylenol, however, is safe.

A few suggestions to reduce tooth decay in pregnant women experiencing nausea and vomiting include eating small amounts of nutritious foods throughout the day, using a teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in a cup of water as a rinse after vomiting to neutralize stomach acid, and chewing sugarless or xylitol gum after eating.

At Lee Dental Associates, our kid’s dentist at Yonge and Lawrence would like to wish all expecting mothers a happy and healthy pregnancy. Enjoy this special moment of your life!

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