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Emergency Dental Care

Our dentists recognize that emergency situations do arise and we will do our best to respond to your problem promptly. Emergencies include, but not limited to, tooth pain, fractured or knocked out teeth, a filling that came out, or a more complicated procedure, we can provide you with assistance. At our practice at Yonge and Lawrence, our emergency dental service dentist provide optimal care to ensure quick, immediate, and effective dental solutions.

Tooth Pain:

A toothache or pain can be a sign of active infection occurring. Infections may be due to an infection within the pulp of the tooth, or around the surrounding tooth gum structures. Depending on the cause, treatments range from antibiotic treatment, root canal treatment, and/or an extraction. Placing Oil of Cloves in the damaged portion of tooth may temporarily relieve symptoms until an appointment is scheduled.

Knocked Out Tooth:

Treatment for adult versus children’s avulsed (aka. knocked out) teeth differ. If an adult tooth has been knocked out from some trauma, immediately place the tooth in a cup of milk for storage. Milk provides the necessary medium to keep the tooth ‘alive’ for longer periods of time to allow a greater chance of successful replantation. DO NOT scrub or clean off the side of the tooth, as there are fibers there necessary for replantation. Please read our blog post for further instructions about this type of emergency. Replantation is not recommended for pediatric avulsed teeth. Contact our dental emergency dentist for an immediate consultation.

Bleeding Gums:

Bleeding can be caused from many sources. Trauma to the oral-facial region may cause bleeding gums. Many underlying medical conditions can also cause mouth bleeding, including uncontrollable diabetes, severe heart issues, poor clotting abilities, and use of anti-coagulants. If trauma did not cause the bleeding, this can be a sign of active infection. Antibiotics may need to be prescribed. Contact our dental emergency dentist for an immediate consultation.

Other Dental Emergencies:

Other dental emergencies, including fractures, loose denture, loose crowns/bridges, failed dental implants, and lost fillings occur commonly. Immediate treatment is ideal for the best long term prognosis. Contact our emergency dental service serving Toronto, Yonge and Lawrence, Avenue and Lawrence, Yonge and Eglinton, Yonge and Sheppard, and North York for an immediate consultation.