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What to do about a “knocked out” tooth?

June 23, 2016 | Uncategorized | Comments Off on What to do about a “knocked out” tooth?

What to do about a “knocked out” tooth?

dentistry at yonge and lawrenceDental emergencies unfortunately do occur, and they can range in severity and condition. One of the more common dental accidents is trauma to a front tooth during a sporting event, leading to an complete avulsion or knocked out tooth! Many times after this type of trauma, the tooth would fall out of its socket in one piece, without any fracture of the tooth itself. So what do we do if this happens?! Don’t worry! Our emergency dental care in North York dentists provides three steps to follow to ensure predictable and successful replantation of the tooth.

(Note: Only adult/permanent teeth are replanted. Baby teeth are not replanted, since a corresponding adult tooth will replace the newly lost tooth.)

If the tooth is an adult/permanent tooth:

1) GENTLY run the tooth under cold water. DO NOT scrub the side of the tooth in an attempt to ‘clean’ the tooth surface; the tooth has natural fibers around the root of the tooth which is imperative for successful replantation. Removal of these fibers results in less than ideal conditions for success.

2) As soon as possible, place the tooth in a cup of milk. Milk is its the ideal transport/storage medium to use due to its three important criteria: 1) It keeps periodontal ligament fibers vital, 2) it is free of contaminants, and  3) it is readily and commonly available.

3) Seek immediate dental care. The sooner the tooth is replanted, the higher the rate of success. Once at the dentist’s office, the tooth will be properly cleaned, replanted, and splinted in position. Follow up care and treatment, including root canal therapy, will be required.

Although these types of traumas can be very stressful and worrisome, if these simple steps are followed, very predictable treatment and outcomes will result.

If you have any further questions regarding avulsed teeth, please do not hesitate to contact our emergency dental care in North York dentists, serving adults and children in Toronto, North York, Yonge and Lawrence, Avenue and Lawrence, Lawrence Park and North Toronto.

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