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Staying Warm At Yonge and Lawrence This Winter

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Staying Warm At Yonge and Lawrence This Winter

In the middle of the cold winter, its sometimes hard to remember the warm and sunny summers we get here in Toronto. Although yes, it does get dark earlier, and yes, its wet and slushy out, there are still tons of great things to do in the Yonge and Lawrence area to keep you warm and snuggly during the last stretch of ol’ man winter! Here are a few local ideas to get you through the next couple of months.


Warm up at the local coffee shops

Lawrence Park has no shortages of coffee shops to hang out in, whether you want to finish up some last minute work or to just sit and day-dream about your next travel destination! Starbucks at the corner of Yonge and Lawrence, has all of your winter-favorites from simple coffee and lattes, to the more festive-drinks (hello peppermint mocha!). Tim Hortons at Yonge Street and Cranbrooke Avenue, is another local favorite hang out spot for all. Now offering breakfast and lunch food, spending a few hours nibbling on food and sipping warm drinks is almost a norm.


Local Favorite Eateries

Located on Yonge Street between Lawrence and York Mills, is an awesome and affordable all-you-can-eat sushi joint, Yonge Sushi, where you can binge your way to forget about the cold outside. This family-run business and their super-friendly staff offers you as much fresh sushi rolls and sashimi as your belly desires! You will definitely leave happy and satiated, feeling ready to tackle the cold! Another local favorite is the Uptown Pub where you can grab your favorite comfort food, along with a drink of your choice. Live music and their friendly staff to sure to guarantee a great evening out.


Getting in a Good Workout

The new Lawrence Park Goodlife, just at the corner of Yonge and York Mills, is a great addition to the neighborhood. Right above the Yonge subway line, this state-of-the-art fitness facility offers brand new equipment in a newly renovated space. Included in membership are tons of classes offered, including cycling, spin, yoga, and other high energy workout sessions. And the best thing about this gym….it’s open 24 hours! So now you have no excuse to not get off the couch and lift a few weights. Remember, its never too early to get that summer body ready!


Pick up some groceries for that new recipe 

Just north of Yonge and Lawrence on the west side is the local favorite, Metro, where their great selection . With tons of free parking in the back, this grocery store is a must-check-out. A little farther north is the mammoth-sized grocery store Loblaws, which offers pretty much anything you need to make that impressive dinner spread when your mother-in-law stops by. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood or shopping around for natural and organic products, they have it here.


And last but not least…

Visit the dentist! Our smiling faces are sure to warm you up until Spring comes along!

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