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Nightguard and Sports Mouthguard

Grinding of teeth is a common phenomenon that occurs to many people during their night-time sleep. Often unaware that its occurring, people inadvertently begin to wear away their outer, most-protective surface of their teeth, resulting in tooth sensitivity and cosmetic concerns. The solution is to wear a night guard, a protective comfortable appliance used to protect against damage to teeth during grinding at night. Our North York mouthguard dentists fabricate a custom manufactured appliance required for all sports and activites!

A sports mouthguard is typically worn during athletic activity to protect the teeth against trauma to the oral or facial region. Whether it be used during hockey and football, or tennis and gymnastics, a mouth guard is custom fitted to fit comfortably during sporting activity. New research indicates that mouthguards can even reduce the severity of concussions! And hey, if the Leafs think its a good idea to wear one, it probably is! Contact our North York mouthguard dentists to see which appliance is right for you.