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Gum and Alloderm Graft

Gum recession can be a both a cosmetically and uncomfortable dental complaint of the patient. This occurs when the soft tissue or gums around the teeth migrate upwards exposing the roots of the teeth, making for an unpleasing appearance as well as tooth sensitivity. When this occurs, the best treatment is to replace the missing gingiva by soft tissue and Alloderm grafting. In our practice at Yonge and Lawrence, our North York dentists provides this procedure for certain indications.

The cause of gingival recession can be multifactorial, including genetics, hormonal, aggressive tooth brushing habits, tobacco use, tooth grinding/clenching, or gum disease. For a successful soft tissue graft, the etiology of the recession must first be determine to ensure the patient understands its cause to prevent future recurrences.

Gum and Alloderm grafting is the corrective procedure that restores the gum to its healthy state by using soft gum tissue. The goal if the graft is to cover exposed tooth and root surfaces with this graft. This grafting encourages new tissue growth that will enable the gums to return to its original position around the teeth, and promote healthy, attractive and less sensitive teeth! Contact our North York dentists to see if gum and Alloderm grafts are right for you!