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Dental Fillings & Tooth Coloured Bonding

Tooth-coloured fillings are an ideal choice to ensure long-term health of your teeth and mouth, while also maintaining the aesthetic value of a beautiful smile. Our doctors use tooth-coloured composite dental fillings to help maintain the natural look of your teeth. Fillings help prevent further decay while preserving original tooth structure and integrity. In our practice at Yonge and Lawrence our North York dental filling doctors provide optimal care to restore teeth back to normal function.

The filling material used to restore teeth vary depending on the indication. Silver or amalgam fillings has been an excellent material in terms of consistency, preventing leakage, and is well time-tested. As technology improved, and the increased public concern for mercury within the amalgam fillings, the trend has shifted towards composite or white fillings. These restoring materials look and feel like natural teeth, and are now currently the material of choice.

After your dental appointment, with proper brushing and flossing, your new beautiful fillings can last a lifetime! Contact our North York dental filling doctors to see if this option is right for you!