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Extractions (Simple, Complex, and Wisdom Teeth)

A tooth extraction is indicated for a variety of reasons, including severe tooth decay, fractured tooth, persistent pain or infection, over-crowding of adjacent teeth, or wisdom teeth impaction. Prior to any extraction, a complete patient medical history will be reviewed to ensure that past or current medications would not interfere with healing. Depending on the type of extraction and/or patient anxiety level, we offer sedation options during extraction procedures; please see our Nitrous Oxide Sedation page for more information. Once the tooth is removed, post-operative instructions will be given. Depending on what was required during the extraction, sutures may or may not be required.  Mild swelling may be present post-operatively. We give all patients written home care instructions to follow for the next few days. Our North York tooth extraction dentists are happy to consult with you for your individual scenario.

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