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Dentures, Crowns and Bridges

There are several options to replace missing or damaged teeth. Dental implants are typically the gold-standard in the current times. Other options include dentures, crowns, and bridges. Our dentists serving Lawrence Park provides several tooth replacement options; a consultation is typically required to determine which option is best for your individual condition.

Dentures are the most conventional and least invasive method to replace missing teeth. They are a removable prosthesis, which can replace single teeth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch! With today’s advances, dentures can now be made comfortably with a very natural appearance. On top of replacing teeth for cosmetic concerns, dentures will also improve chewing ability, speaking ability, and improve esthetics of facial proportions.

Dental crowns are single-unit dental prosthesis, used to permanently and beautifully build-up an existing tooth. Crowns are custom fabricated, and stained to match the patients’ existing teeth color and shape. There are different indications for crowns, including restoring a severely broken down or fractured tooth, or protecting a weak tooth from further damage. Different materials are used to fabricating crowns, including gold, stainless steel, porcelain, or zirconium; this will be determine based on the patient’s specific concerns and requests.

In a dental bridge, two (or more) crowns are joined together to replace missing teeth between them, and to strengthen the teeth to restore a beautifully functional smile. Using adjacent teeth as anchors, an artificial tooth is held in the spot where a tooth has been lost or extracted. This restorative treatment allows for more confidence when speaking, smiling or eating. Contact our dentists serving Lawrence Park to determine if this option is right for you!