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Complete Dental Examination

With our modern dental facility, we perform the detailed and complete oral and dental examination utilizing the latest and safest dental technology to ensure safe and accurate diagnosis and analysis. Our low-radiation digital imaging x-rays and panoramic units provide an invaluable wealth of information for evaluation. Using a combination of visual, radiographic, and diagnostic evaluation techniques, a thorough picture of your overall oral health can be determined, and a treatment plan then can be formed to restore and maintain an optimum level of health.

A typical dental examination consist of an extra-oral exam for signs of inflammation or swelling of lymph nodes and other anatomical structures, asymmetric abnormalities, and other clues for systemic conditions. Performed by visual examination and palpation techniques, abnormal structures can be identified and further investigated for a proper diagnosis.

Intra-oral inspections will also take place to examine the health of teeth, gums and surrounding oral tissues. Careful examination of tooth structure, combined with radiographic imaging, can reveal dental decay or infection. Examining the gingiva and periodontal pockets around teeth, using periodontal probe, can determine the health of the gums and surrounding attachment of teeth. This can be an early detection or progressing gum disease. Treatment can then be tailored to stabilize oral conditions. Once all conditions have been treated, healthy oral condition can be expected and maintained. Regular maintenance and examinations are required to ensure a healthy oral environment. Home care instructions, including proper brushing and flossing techniques, and dietary suggestions are also discussed. Cosmetic dental procedures can then be addressed, including teeth whitening, Invisalign orthodontics, and veneers. Our dentist Yonge and Lawrence recommends regular dental examinations as the optimal way to catch and treat dental concerns.

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