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Amalgam Silver Filling Removal

For over a century, the amalgam silver filling was the most popular restorative materials, use to fix teeth with cavities. They were non-abrasive, did not leak, and were bio-compatible. Furthermore, since they were not significantly technique sensitive, these type of fillings were overall very successful despite the varied range of dentist abilities. Millions of people have had silver fillings used with a high degree of success. In many countries, due to their known benefits, amalgam silver fillings are still currently used as the only material available.

However, there were also drawbacks. These fillings were extremely unappealing and unattractive. When newly placed in the tooth, amalgam is a bright and shiny colour. However, as it ages in time, the colour darkens and becomes an almost black-ish colour; thus being very visible to the naked eye. Another downside is the use of mercury as part of amalgam silver filling composition. Mercury is required in silver fillings, since it promotes a malleable material to mold to tooth surfaces. Although safe within the filling material, any chips, cracks or wearing down of the filling material compromises the structure of the filling. And the last significant issue is that amalgam fillings tend to expand over time. This expansion within the tooth structure can cause microfractures, weakening the tooth, and in time possibly cracking the tooth.


Technique in safe Amalgam Silver Filling Removal Toronto:

1. Local anesthesia is often required to numb/freeze the tooth.

2. Depending on the location of the dental filling in the tooth, a dental dam is used to isolate the tooth from the rest of the mouth and throat, so the patient does not ingest any of the filling material.

3. Our specialized silver filling removal air-suction vacuum ensures that the entire amalgam silver filling is removed and suctioned from the oral cavity in its entirety.

4. Once the silver filling has been removed and the tooth cleaned, a safe white composite filling material is used as the tooth’s new filling.

5. Our office has installed an Amalgam Silver Filling Separator, so the filling material does not enter our society’s sewers/water source. The filling material is disposed of by specialists. Contact our amalgam silver filling removal Toronto dentists for more information.