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Invisalign Orthodontics

The cases below represent actual cases treated by our doctors.


Deep Bite Correction

Invisalign Toronto
This patient disliked his deep bite from the front view, as well as some mild crowding of his upper and lower teeth. Correction of deep bite is one of the most difficult challenges in orthodontics. His bite was corrected using Invisalign orthodontics. Treatment time was 8 months.


Moderate Crowding

North York Invisalign
This patient disliked the moderate crowding and the deep bite appearance of his teeth from the front view of his teeth. His concerns were addressed with a beautiful final result using Invisalign orthodontics . Treatment time was 8 months.


Upper and Lower Teeth Crowding

invisalign dentist yonge and lawrence 2

This lovely patient’s chief complaint was crowding of her upper and lower teeth. As can be seen in the “Before” photos, her front teeth incisors were extremely rotated and crowded. Invisalign was used to correct all rotations, crowding, and improving her overall bite. Treatment time was approximately 1.5 years.


Upper Front Teeth Gap, and Lower Crowding

invisalign dentist yonge and lawrence 1

This patient previously had orthodontics during his teenage years, but due to lack of retainer wear, his teeth had began to shift again. He wanted the space/gap between his upper central incisors closed, and he wanted to correct his lower crowded teeth. Treatment time was 7 months.